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Optimization is crucial. You can have a computer with the best components available and it will still run as a regular one if not optimized properly. PCSUITE BOOSTER is designed to help you adapt the performance of your system to the applications that you want to use.

I really liked the fact that, unlike other similar applications which promise to make your computer "a million" times faster, PCSUITE BOOSTER simply states that will help you optimize it to your specific needs. Furthermore, it actually gets the job done by helping you close certain applications and processes that you don't need while performing your tasks.

Theoretically, PCSUITE BOOSTER is supposed to offer a small range of (easy to understand) choices, which is great for users who don't have a lot of computer experience and an expert mode that should probably have a wide array of options. Unfortunately, I got an error message each time I tried to press the "expert mode" button (on two different computers, one using Windows 8 and the other Windows 7).

While I appreciate the general idea of PCSUITE BOOSTER and the fact that it can actually be effective up to a certain degree, paying this much for a program that will not allow you to use its advanced options seems a bit exaggerated.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • Lets you create multiple profiles
  • It helps you create shortcuts to each profile
  • Offers features for both beginners as well as advanced users


  • The program keeps displaying an error message when trying to go to expert mode (in Windows 8 and 7)
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